About the DBCC

Welcome to the site of the Dutch Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (DBCC). Our organisation was established in 2014. It enjoys the full support from the Dutch Embassy in Bulgaria, and its mission is to promote business relations between the Kingdom of The Netherlands and the Republic of Bulgaria.

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Become a member and get instant access to the network and services of the Dutch Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. As one of the upcoming economies in Europe, Bulgaria has a lot of potential for Dutch companies in a wide range of sectors with attractive location advantages. Bulgaria is an EU member state since 2007, and in the process of joining both the Euro area as well as the Schengen area. The country is strategically located including important exits at the Black Sea; Bulgaria also offers financial and macroeconomic stability.

We are always happy to meet you and discuss the opportunities in Bulgaria for your company. By becoming a member, you will also benefit from the connectivity, experience and knowledge that our other members have to offer. We hold business and social events, including regular monthly meetings, conferences, seminars, after-hours drinks and other events depending on the specific interests and needs of our members.