The bi-lateral Dutch Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-governmental organization operating as an exclusive membership-based network that establishes business connections between The Netherlands and Bulgaria. We operate on the basis of non-profit with the primary goal to help businesses of all sizes – Dutch companies with a link to / presence in Bulgaria and Bulgarian companies with a link to / presence in the Netherlands – to grow and prosper. We offer exposure to our business community, a strong networking base, opportunities for professional development and advocacy for your company when it is needed.

Who are we?

The Chamber is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the Members for a period of 2 years. The Board is supported by Advisors.

The Board currently consists of:

Jolanda van den Broek (Chairman)

Henk Overbeek (Vice-Chairman)

Radko Stamenov (Treasurer)

Valentin Savov (Board Member)

Jeroen van Hertum (Board Member)

Board Advisors:

Monica Nikolova (Embassy of the Netherlands in Bulgaria)