Member Visit Kitchen 59

👨‍🍳 Ever thought about doing an internship at one of the member companies of the Dutch Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce? Well, we did just that! Last week, Jeroen van Hertum, swapped his board member hat for a chef’s hat at Kitchen59. 🍽️

Behind the bar, behind the counter – you name it, he tried it! It was an amazing experience to see firsthand the dedication and passion that goes into making Kitchen59 a standout in Sofia’s hospitality scene. From serving up delightful dishes at their Talents Restaurant to mixing artisan cocktails at their rooftop bar with stunning views of Vitosha mountain, it was a day to remember.

But it’s not just about great food and modern vibes. Kitchen59 is deeply committed to educating the next generation of hospitality professionals. Their collaboration with the HRC Academy Bulgaria ensures high-quality culinary education, helping young talents become the great professionals of tomorrow.

Kitchen59 isn’t just a place to eat and drink; it’s a vibrant ecosystem of creativity and innovation, hosting events, providing a co-working space, and offering unique culinary experiences like their Chef’s Table.

Thank you to the Kitchen59 team for letting Jeroen join the fun and being such a valuable member of the Dutch Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. If you’re ever in Sofia, make sure to drop by and experience it yourself!